Standing Rules

The Standing Rules shall be reviewed by the Board at the beginning of the Membership year and any revisions provided to the Membership for vote at the October Meeting.


Inventory shall be taken at the beginning of the Club year and items ordered as necessary.

Section 1Santa Costume – The Club owns a complete Santa costume. Under no conditions is it to be loaned out. However, it can be rented for a 24-hour period for a rental fee of $65.00 plus a $100.00 deposit. If the costume has not been soiled, the deposit will be refunded. 

Section 2Easter Bunny Costume – The Club owns a complete Easter Bunny costume. Under no conditions is it to be loaned out. However, it can be rented for a 24-hour period for a rental fee of $65.00 plus a $100.00 deposit. If the costume has not been soiled, the deposit will be refunded. 

Section 3 Meeting Signs – The Club owns a number of regular meeting yard signs. When the inventory falls below 10, new signs shall be ordered.  Each member is entitled to a yard sign for her to place in her yard the week of the regular meeting.  7 signs shall be placed at the subdivision entrances and pools no later than the Sunday before the regular meeting and picked up no later than the Friday following the meeting. 

Section 4 Events Signs – The Club owns: 8x Easter Egg Hunt, 10x Santa’s Ride, 10x Costume Walk, and 16x Silent Auction yard signs. These signs shall be placed at the subdivision entrances and pools no later than the Sunday before the event.

Section 5Holiday Decoration Winner Signs The Club owns 6 Holiday Decoration Winner Signs. These signs are to be placed in the yard of the 3 winners and removed on January 2nd

Section 6 Car Magnets – The Club owns 2 logoed magnetic car signs. These magnets are to be placed on cars at Club sponsored events, when awarding the Yard of the Month and Holiday Decoration Awards and any other ACA events in which the Club participates.

Section 7Meeting Supplies – The Club shall maintain an inventory of plates, napkins, utensils, and cups to be used at the regular meetings.

Section 8Nametags – The Club owns plastic sleeve nametag holders. 

Section 9Notecards – The Club owns notecards and envelopes pre-printed with the Club logo. 


For all accounts owned by the Club, access information and passwords are to be given by the outgoing President to the incoming President prior to the first Board meeting of the new Board. Passwords are to be changed by the new Board at the first Board meeting. 

Section 1Bank Account – The Club has a bank account at Chase, with an associated Zelle account. 

Section 2WebsiteThe Club owns and maintains a website through GoDaddy with the domain name

Section 3Email Account – The Club has an email account with the address of [email protected]

Section 4Evite – The Club has an Evite account for the announcement of and RSVP for meetings and events.

Section 5 Mailchimp – The Club has a Mailchimp account for the distribution of newsletters.

Section 6Neighborhood Website – The Club has an account on the neighborhood website It also has a Group on this website that is maintained by the AWC.

Section 7Square – The Club has a Square account for the acceptance of credit and debit card payments.

Section 8Google Drive – The Club has a google drive account under the gmail address for the purpose of maintaining Club records. 


The number and types of events shall be dependent and based on Membership committee volunteers.

Section 1 – Silent Auction – Each year the Club may hold a Silent Auction in November for the purpose of raising funds.

Section 2 – Halloween – Each year the Club may hold a Halloween Costume Walk with associated activities in October for the neighborhood. 

Section 4 – Holiday Decoration Judging – Each year the Club may hold a Holiday Decoration Contest in December for ACA exterior home decorations.

Section 5Easter – Each year the Club may hold an Easter Bunny Ride or Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Palm Sunday.

Section 6Spring FlingEach year the Club may hold a Spring Dinner for Members and Guests.

RULE IV – Historical Records

Section 1Documents – All Meeting minutes, Committee reports and Membership lists shall be retained on Google Drive. 

Section 2Photographs – The Board should make every attempt to take photos at each Meeting and Event, include them in a Newsletter and upload them to the AWC Website. 


Section 1Submitting Bills and Invoices for payment – All charges, bills and invoices not authorized in the Club Budget must be approved by the board before payment can be made. Invoices must be submitted to the treasurer within the same membership year. 

Section 2Club Debit Card – any Board member making a purchase within the budget should make every attempt to use one of the two Club debit cards in order to avoid monthly bank fees. 

Section 3Community Donations Each year surplus funds shall be donated to the ACA, either monetary or purchased item for community use. The membership shall nominate potential recipients or items prior to the May meeting. The Membership shall vote at the May meeting. 

Section 4Condolences – In the event of a death in the immediate family (spouse, partner or children) of a member, flowers may be sent, or the Club will make a donation to the charity of choice. The Board will send a sympathy card in any other situation of which the Board is aware. 


Section 1 Duties of Hostess – The hostess is to open her home for a monthly meeting. 

Section 2 Duties of Co-Hostesses – The co-hostesses shall bring a light snack to the monthly meeting. 

Section 3Meeting Refreshments – The Club shall provide liquid refreshments to include wine and water.


Other obligatory duties as described below can be assigned to a Board Member or to a Member with Board Member oversight.

Section 1 Sign-In / Sign-Up Sheets – Sign-In sheets shall be provided for each meeting, one for Members and one for Guests, to include contact information. Hostess, Co-Hostess and Committee signup sheets shall be provided at each meeting. 

Section 2 Nametags – Nametag inserts pre-printed with the Club logo shall be provided at every meeting. Members shall have tags preprinted with their names and Guests shall have blank tags on which to write their names.

Section 3Promotion – Meeting and Event announcements shall be posted on the Club Website,, and the Ashford Neighbors Facebook page 10 days prior to the meeting or event. Yard-of—the=Month shall also be posted as soon as it is announced. Meeting and Event invitations shall be sent by Evite 10 days before the meeting or event. Guests of previous meetings and previous members who have not joined shall be sent Evites. 

Section 4Newsletter – A Club Newsletter shall be sent via email or Mailchimp to each member during the months of September through June, two weeks prior to the Meeting.  The newsletter shall be posted on the Club website at the same time it is sent.

Section 5Birthdays – Birthday cards shall be purchased by the Club, signed by the Board and mailed to each Member 4 days prior to her birthday. 

Section 6Website – The Club website shall be updated monthly with announcements, membership list, newsletter, general meeting minutes, Yard-of-the-Month, and photographs from meetings and events.