Constitution and Bylaws


The name of the organization shall be: Ashford Women’s Club herein after referred to as (“Club”)


The purpose of this organization shall be to enrich the lives of the Members and to serve the community through participation in civic, cultural, gardening, hospitality and philanthropic activities.

Reaching Out Statement – The Club reaches out to women at least 21 years of age regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical ability who demonstrate an interest in the enrichment of their community.


Section 1 – There are three (3) types of memberships in the Ashford Women’s Club:  Active and Associate, and Sponsored, hereinafter referred to as (“Members”).

Section 1-A – Active Members are those who have paid their dues on time and met all requirements set up in the by-laws.  Active Members shall be limited to residents of the Ashford Community Association (ACA).

Section 1-B – In the event a Member moves out of the ACA and wishes to remain a member of the Club, the member can request a change of membership status.  Active Members shall submit a request to change membership status from Active to Associate status by requesting in writing their intention to do so to the Board of Directors.  Associate Members shall have previously been residents of the ACA. Dues for an Associate Member will be the same as dues for the Active Member and will be payable by the second Thursday in September.  Associate Members may serve as an officer of the Club, excluding President.  In addition, they may sponsor new Active Members and Sponsored Members, and are encouraged to attend all Club activities and are requested to serve on at least one of the various committees.

Section 1-C – Sponsored members are members who live in the area, but not within the ACA.  Two Members/Associate Members must support a Sponsored Member.  Dues for a Sponsored Member will be the same as dues for Active and Associate Members and are not pro-rated if Sponsored Members joins the Club after October 1.  Sponsored Members have the same responsibilities to AWC as Members/Associate Members.  However, sponsored members may not serve on the Board as an Officer.  Sponsored Members may not sponsor other Sponsored Members.

Section 2 – The annual dues for Active, Associate, and Sponsored Members shall be $30.00, payable in September or October.  Dues after January 1 shall be $10.00.

Section 3 – Active, Associate, and Sponsored Members are requested to take their turn in entertaining the Club and sharing the duties of hostess or co-hostess.

Section 4 – Active, Associates, and Sponsored Members are requested to serve on at least one of the various committees. Active and Associate Members are eligible to serve as Chairperson of an event.

 Section 5 – Active, Associate, and Sponsored Members are required to donate at least one item to the Holiday Silent Auction.

Section 6 – A club newsletter will be emailed to each member during the months of September through June, unless regular mail is requested.


Section 1 – The officers of this Club shall be President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.

Section 2 – Nominations for office shall be made by a Nominating Committee composed of two elected officers, appointed by the President at the March meeting. At the President’s discretion, additional Members may be appointed to the Nominating Committee.  Floor nominations may be made at the presentation of the slate at the April meeting.

Section 3 – All officers, except the Parliamentarian, who shall be the immediate past President, shall be elected at the April meeting.  The June meeting will be an installation/planning meeting.  Vote will be by ballot where there is more than one nominee and count made by Members of the nominating committee.

Section 4 – A vacancy in office except for the position of President may be filled at any regular meeting by appointment of the Board.  If the President is unable to complete her term, the 1st Vice President shall assume the duties as President for remaining term.


Section 1 – The President shall preside at all meetings, assist in recruiting committee chairpersons, maintain master membership list and perform other duties as pertain to her office.  She shall be ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. She shall be a signatory on the club bank account.

Section 2 – The 1st Vice-President shall be an aide to the President, perform the duties of the President in her absence or inability to serve.  She is responsible for purchasing the outgoing President’s gift for the installation dinner.  She shall be chairman of the Directory Committee.

Section 3 – The 2nd Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of both the President and 1st Vice President and shall act as program chairman and arrange for the hostess and co-hostesses for monthly meetings.

Section 4 – The Secretary maintains member nametags, shall keep an attendance record, record club proceedings, distribute general meeting minutes to the members and conduct correspondence of the club.  She will send thank you notes to speakers and be in charge of sending letters and application forms to new Members.

Section 5 – The Treasurer shall collect all money including dues and shall provide a copy of a current membership list to the President,  1st Vice President and Secretary.  She shall be the custodian of the funds for the club and shall pay all bills approved by the Board.  She shall file receipts of all disbursements, keep a balanced account of all receipts and expenditures and shall be ready to make a monthly report at each meeting.  She will make periodic checks to see that all dues have been paid. She shall be a signatory on the club bank account. She shall be responsible for ensuring that the proper signature cards are on file with the bank.

Section 6 – The Parliamentarian shall be prepared to express her opinion on points in question when called for by the President and to read such articles in the Constitution and By-Laws or Robert’s Rules of order as needed.  She shall head the committee to revise the Constitutions and By-Laws as indicated.

Section 7 – Each Board Member and committee chairperson, in addition to her duties, shall provide all notes, correspondence, electronic computer files to incoming President at the June  Installation/Planning meeting for her successor.


Section 1 – The elected officials and immediate past President shall constitute the Board.  The Board shall meet prior to the September membership meeting and as needed during the club year.  The Board shall take charge of business between meetings and shall formulate plans and policies.

Section 2 – All Board Members are required to attend the Board meetings and regular club meetings.

Section 3 – The Board shall be in charge of the September  Membership meeting.  They will also assist the hostesses with the set-up and clean up of the meeting.


Section 1 – The regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m., September through June.

Section 2 – The President may call special meetings and only such business for which the special meeting was called shall be transacted at said meetings.

Section 3 – The Members present shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4 – The regular meeting in October shall be the annual business meeting. The Treasurer shall present the Operating Budget and members will vote to approve. Other officer and committee reports shall be presented as necessary.  A Treasurer’s report will also be given at the June meeting.

 ARTICLE VIII – Standing Committees

Section 1 – The following committees or persons are designated or determined by the active Executive Board.

Section 2-The Community Development Committee or designated member serves as club liaison with the Ashford Community Association.

Section 3 – Yard-of-the-month committee shall be in charge of selecting an outstanding yard in the neighborhood monthly, and awarding and maintaining the sign.

Section 4 – Historian committee or designated member shall keep the club scrapbook and handle all club publicity.  The President shall appoint the chairperson of the committee or designated member.

Section 5 – The Correspondence Committee or designated member will send remembrances and assist in keeping goodwill among club Members.

 Section 6- The Helping Hands Committee or designated member will be responsible coordinating meals and assistance for members in need to include but not limited to illness, child birth and death in the family.

Section 7 – The President shall be responsible for communication between meetings, notification of meetings, and the Club newsletter.  The President may request assistance from the Secretary, when needed

Section 8 – Directory Committee, chaired by the 1st Vice-President, shall be responsible for compiling the Club’s directory.


Section 1 – This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by two thirds vote of Members present, provided amendments have been read at the previous regular meeting disseminated by email or post.

Section 2 – Standing Rules may be adopted, amended or repealed at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the Members present, provided amendments have been read at the previous regular meeting or disseminated by email or post.


Section 1Santa Suit – The Club owns a complete Santa costume.  Under no conditions is it to be loaned out.  However, it can be rented for a 24-hour period for a rental fee of $65.00 plus a $100.00 deposit.  If the costume has not been soiled, the deposit will be refunded.

Section 2Easter Bunny Suit – The Club owns a complete Easter Bunny costume.  Under no conditions is it to be loaned out.  However, it can be rented for a 24-hour period for a rental fee of $65.00 plus a $100.00 deposit.  If the costume has not been soiled, the deposit will be refunded.

 Section 3- Popcorn Machine –The Club owns a Popcorn Machine .  Under no conditions is it to be loaned out.  However, it can be rented for a 24-hour period for a rental fee of $65.00 plus a $100.00 deposit.  If the machine is returned cleaned and in good condition , the deposit will be refunded.

Section 4-Projector- The Club owns a Projector.  Under no conditions is it to be loaned out.  However, it can be rented for a 24-hour period for a rental fee of $65.00 plus a $100.00 deposit.  If the projector is returned in good condition, the deposit will be refunded.

Section 5Submitting Bills and Invoices for payment – All charges, bills and invoices not authorized in the Ashford Women’s Club Budget must be approved by the board before payment can be made.  Invoices must be submitted to the treasurer within two weeks of the date they were incurred.

Section 6Duties of Hostess and Co-Hostess – The hostess is to furnish punch or soft drinks, and coffee at the monthly meetings.  The co-hostesses are to furnish appetizers and desserts at the monthly meeting and assist the hostess with clean up after the meeting.

Section 7Installation Dinner – The outgoing President will be the guest of the Club for the installation dinner.  The Club shall not pay for drinks.

Section 8 – In the event of a death in the immediate family (husband or children) of a member, flowers may be sent or the Club will make a donation to the charity of choice.  The Correspondence Committee will send a written expression of sympathy in any other situation.

Section 9 The club owns 5 meeting notice signs. The signs shall be placed no later than the Monday prior to the monthly general meeting by persons designated by the Executive Board.

Section 10 Memorial Garden. The executive board, or designated member, shall be responsible for maintaining the garden. The responsibility shall include planning color as needed, checking the sprinkler system is operational and set the programming according to season, and coordinating with the outside contractors. In the event of the death of a member, the membership can elect to place a stone and/or marker in the garden.